Join Our Staff

Thank you for your interest in Lexicon! This page includes job descriptions and an
application for the 2011 Lexicon yearbook staff.

Joining the Lexicon staff is a big time commitment, but an even bigger opportunity: to leave your
mark on campus, make friends and find a job – all in the same place. If you’ve found this
application, you’re obviously the kind of person Lexicon is interested in, so take a minute to fill it

We are looking for highly organized and motivated students to join our staff. Every member of Lexicon’s staff is required to attend bi-monthly meetings and meet all deadlines that are given.

The work required for the yearbook is done independently by each student. We will be working continuously throughout the year to collect information and complete spreads in a timely manner. To ensure progress and continuity, editors meet on Thursdays at x P.M. Regular staff members meet every other Thursday at x P.M. If this sounds interesting to you, please click here to apply.

As a yearbook staff member, you will be required to:

a. Work independently to complete assignments

b. Need to be prepared to work up to 5 hours a week outside of class time

c. Work within a team structure for the good of the book and the staff

d. Do an extensive amount of interviewing and writing

e. Meet deadlines and be responsible for completing your pages; designing layouts, proofing, editing etc.


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