Current Staff

Isabelle Encela


I’m a senior in Zicklin pursuing a major in Advertising and Marketing and a minor in Graphic Design. I joined Lexicon because I enjoy graphic design, love photography and live for creative freedom. I’m an Auxilary Board member of USG (go fix!) and a member of FUSION (Baruch’s tiny Filipino Club). I’m from Brooklyn and work part time at an architectural firm in the village and enjoy spending every penny I earn on accessories for my camera. I love to write and listen to passionately unrestrained music. My favorite book is originally written in French, though I first read it in German. I only eat unhealthy foods. I’m asian, a woman, and a good driver.

Ellen Li

Business Manager

I am currently a senior majoring in Marketing Management and minoring in Psychology. Last semester I was the Social Media Specialist for Baruch City Advertising Society and this Fall I will be the Secretary in charge. I have lived in Brooklyn most of my life and I love being in the city. I joined the yearbook staff because I really want to be a part of creating this book that will be a reminder of our Baruch days when we look back years from now.













Ambrose Eng

Photography Editor

A sophomore debating between an Ad-Hoc major in Marketing/Psychology/Graphic Communications with minors in Chinese & Business or an International Business major with Photography & Chinese minor. My passions include photography and breakdancing. Currently a Mentor Coach in Baruch’s AIESEC, the largest non-profit student run organization in the world, a photographer for the Ticker, and a Buzz Builder for Likeable Media, a preferred Developer of Facebook. You can check out more of what I do down at



Catherine Budhi

Layout Designer

I am a junior in the Weissman school majoring in Graphic Communications. During my first year at Baruch I was voted co-chair of F.U.S.I.O.N. (first freshman to ever obtain this position!) and ever since then I have looked for other clubs to be a part of. I’ve always had an interest in the arts, focusing mostly on painting & sketching. As of last year I started learning the “how-to’s” of graphic design. In hopes of expanding my artistic skills, I joined the Lexicon as a layout designer. When I’m not doodling on paper, I like to play volleyball, practice my mediocre talent on the ukulele, and ride my bike around Staten Island.
Carl Curwen

Staff Photographer

I am currently a senior at Baruch College studying for a Psychology major and a Sociology minor. If I didn’t tell you that, you’d be quick to assume I was a photography major because there are very few times you’ll catch me without my camera. Photography is my passion, and any Joe Shmoe who tells you anyone can get behind a camera and produce art with no effort will be the first to get a foot in their — well, you get the idea. I am the co-founder and current event photographer of ‘Party With Baruch’. I am also the president of the Baruch Photography Club. I’m from Brooklyn, I am black and I love cookies, silliness, vodka and funny stories.
Nicholas Echevarria

Staff Writer

I’m a junior in the Weissman School, majoring in English and looking forward to putting those analytical skills to use with a Journalism minor. I joined Lexicon as a way to become more a part of campus life here at Baruch as well as a way to polish my writing skills a bit. Having recently known the joys of my first published article in The Ticker, I intend to contribute much more frequently with aspirations on taking it over one day. When I’m not sitting at home playing Street Fighter, I’m filling my mind up with endless amounts of information courtesy of the internet (also known as studying in some circles), eating incessantly, or out biking through Brooklyn. (Or any combination thereof. Biking and browsing the internet not recommended.)

Kimberley Goonie

Staff Writer

She writes tons of articles for us and the lexistaff is forever grateful. Kim is a freshman and obviously likes to write.


Michelle Cruz


Shes one of our graphic designers. She’s good. She also does things for the Ticker and Encounters. She’s a 22 year old held captive in the body of a 12 year old. With the profits of the yearbook, we want to one day free her.






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