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June 16, 2010

Hello World!

Welcome to the official blog for Lexicon, the yearbook of Baruch College. For years Lexicon has captured the many faces and life stories of students at Baruch. We proudly continue the tradition of commemorating the journeys – intellectual, spiritual, physical – on which each member of the Baruch community embarks every year. The focus for the 2011 edition capitalizes on our changing times. We hope to refashion this edition and truly embody the puzzle comprised of events and individuals throughout the college at every stage of the journey. As such, the yearbook serves as a memento for all students – not only the graduating class. If you would like to order a 2011 edition of Lexicon, click here. For those creative individuals seeking a staff position, click here to fill out an application. Feel free to contact us any time.

June 16, 2010

Staff Positions.

We are looking for highly organized and motivated students to join our staff. Every member of Lexicon’s staff is required to attend bi-monthly meetings and meet all deadlines that are given.

Copy Editor

The responsibility of the copy editor is overseeing the production of all articles and captions throughout the book. The copy editor assigns stories to staff members and assists in helping staff members obtain the right written content for their pages.

Design Editor

Design editors are in charge of the overall presentation of the book: theme, style, and graphical motif. The design editor oversees the layout and actual creation of each and every page.

Photography Editor

The responsibility of the photography editor is to ensure that there are photographs for the book. The photo editor is in charge of working with professional photographers, the photography staff, and photo editing.

Student Life Editor

The student life section encompasses anything that is not covered in the rest of the book, such as Homecoming and Spring Fling. The responsibilities of the student life editor also include keeping up with events happening at Penn.

Arts Editor

The arts editor is responsible for the coverage of all arts groups on campus. The arts editor must pay special attention to performances and may need to attend events to collect information.

Sports Editor

The sports editor is responsible for the coverage of all sports teams on campus. One of the main duties of the sports editor is simply to make sure sports events are being covered as well as maintain contact with coaches and others affiliated with the teams.

Academics Editor

The academics editor is responsible for coverage of academics-related pages. This section will be based off feature academic stories as well as regular highlights on student achievements.

Student Organizations Editor

The student organizations editor is responsible for all student groups and activities on campus such as fraternities, sororities, student government, media and literacy groups, among others.

Photography Position

This position involves making sure there are photos for all the sections of the yearbook. The photographer will need to be present at some campus events to take photos. The photographer is also responsible for scheduling appointments with our professional photographer for certain events. This position works closely with the reporters and layout designers in organizing and presenting the available pictures.

Layout Position

The layout position involves placing photos and copy into complete spreads. Ideas will be submitted to the designer from the reporters and photographers and the page will be put together using Adobe InDesign. Each spread will be printed out and reviewed at our meetings. This position will work closely with the Design editors to ensure consistency throughout the book.

Reporter Position

The reporter must be willing to obtain quotes and/or information for each section of the yearbook. Requests for articles will be submitted to the reporter from the section editors. The written articles will then be given to the layout design team so the text can be placed in the corresponding spread.

June 15, 2010

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